Spa Hotel Landlust - Spa Resort Landlust Dresden

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Our SPA resort as your safe travel destination

Our small, family-run hotel with only 17 rooms, spread over 5 buildings, is not the usual narrow city hotel but is characterized by a lot of space. In addition, most of the houses are equipped with a special ventilation system that removes the stale air, which is only replaced by fresh air. This means that the SPA Resort Landlust has ideal conditions to avoid infections. As your host, we see it as our special duty to keep our standards for hygiene protection measures at a high level at all times. You can therefore spend your well-deserved vacation in the SPA resort without hesitation.

Some of the measures we take to ensure hygiene are:
  1. Comprehensive basic cleaning and disinfection are standard. Since all areas and rooms are equipped with hard floors, they can be cleaned efficiently with disinfectants.
  3. All contact surfaces in heavily frequented areas are also regularly disinfected.
  5. There is a limit on the number of people that is adapted to the premises.
  7. The reception was separated with a glazing.
  9. The possibility of hand disinfection is guaranteed in all public areas as well as in the spa.
  11. Your booked room will be cleaned and disinfected according to strict requirements.
  13. All employees have received long-term training in their area of activity and are informed about changes on a daily basis.
  15. Before starting work, every employee is asked about corona symptoms.
We understand that, due to the changing information, you will have many questions about your holiday in the SPA resort. We are happy to be there for you and answer your questions.
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